How do LNA Solutions Box Bolts work

BoxBolts®: How do they work?

During a construction project, connecting material to Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) can be a time-consuming process. Often doing so requires onsite drilling or welding through bolting to accomplish, which isn’t just cumbersome, it can also lead to some unsightly results. For many clients, aesthetics can be just as important as sturdiness or timeliness, but a tool does exist that can maximize all three of those factors: the humble but inventive BoxBolt®. 

Not only do BoxBolts® save time through a streamlined installation process and possess some nice aesthetic benefits with their clean look when installed, they also allow for seamless steel-to-steel connections in hollow surfaces and other areas where access is restricted to the back of the connection. 

How do BoxBolts® Work?

The key to their versatility and unique range of benefits and applications is their design. While more complicated than a regular bolt, for hollow structures and other situations where access to the opposite side of the steel is restricted, their design simplifies the connection process significantly.

A BoxBolt® consists of four main components. The bolt itself, the shoulder located just below that, a long body divided into three “fins”, and the cone, located at the very bottom. Once a hole is drilled in the correct diameter, the BoxBolt® is inserted into it. Next, all that’s needed is a standard wrench to tighten it, while the components of the bolt do the rest. As the bolt is tightened, the cone is gradually screwed closer and closer to the shoulder, pinning the steel components between it and the shoulder. As it travels upward, the body fins splay outward to accommodate the cone, creating a wide blockage that further prevents the BoxBolt® from moving out of position, securing the two steel components together with a formidable connection. 

Key Features of a BoxBolt®

  • Simple Installation
    Their unique design means Box Bolts can be easily installed using basic tools, reducing labor costs and project timelines.
  • Durable Connection
    The BoxBolt’s® widening body ensures a connection that is reinforced beyond the measure of a typical bolt, while also accomplishing that connection through a self-contained mechanism, meaning the working components are hidden from view. 
  • Versatility
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, BoxBolts® are ideal for various applications, including bridges, buildings, and industrial installations, especially when aesthetics are a top priority.
  • Available in three different finishes
    Depending on the conditions the BoxBolts® must withstand, LNA Solutions offers three different finishes; Zinc, Galvanized, and for seriously demanding applications, Stainless Steel.

Key Advantages of a BoxBolt®

When it comes to steel-to-steel connections, BoxBolts® offer unparalleled advantages over traditional methods like welding or drilling. Here’s why they’re a preferred choice for modern construction projects:

  • Time and Cost Savings
    BoxBolts® eliminate the need for time-consuming welding processes, significantly reducing labor costs and project timelines. Not to mention, they require fewer tools and therefore less expertise to properly install.
  • Enhanced Safety
    Welding can pose various safety hazards, such as exposure to fumes and risk of fire. With BoxBolts®, you can ensure a safer working environment for your team.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
    Unlike welding, which requires precise measurements and preparation, BoxBolts® offer greater flexibility, allowing for easier adjustments and modifications during installation.
  • Non-Destructive Installation
    Welding can compromise the integrity of steel structures, leading to potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. BoxBolts® provide a non-destructive solution, preserving the structural integrity of your steel components.
  • Aesthetics
    For some projects a seamless, aesthetically pleasing look is paramount. To please architects and clients alike, BoxBolts® offer a very clean, uniform appearance once installed.

Upgrade Your Steel-to-Steel Connections

Refer to LNA Solutions’ product page for more information on BoxBolts®, their applications, functionality, and available finishes. Contact us today to learn more about BoxBolts® and how they can revolutionize the appearance, safety, and timeline of your construction projects. 


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