BART Monorail – San Francisco Bay Area

Rapid Transit BART Monorail Upgrades

CHALLENGE: The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) System is the main public transportation system connecting San Francisco, Oakland, and the surrounding suburban areas. It comprises over 120 miles of track utilizing both elevated heavy rail, subway, and light rail systems. It was originally constructed in 1972 and is currently being extended to San Jose with the Silicon Valley BART Extensions. Currently, the BART system is being upgraded with new conduit through the subway tunnels. This conduit will house wiring that powers and supports the automation controls for the entire transit system.

SOLUTION: BART and the Engineering Team trusted LNA Solutions to design a Custom BeamClamp Assembly that is capable of supporting new conduit connected to the roof of the tunnel of the new BART M-Line, especially in a seismic design region. LNA Solutions BeamClamp was specified for this project in order to avoid field welding, which would have required site power and created hazardous working conditions in the tunnels. Each Custom BeamClamp Assembly was installed every 1.5' along the steel tunnel to provide adequate support for the new conduit.


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