Blokable Inc. – Vancouver, Washington

Housing Structure Design

CHALLENGE: Located in Vancouver, Washington, Blokable is a company that specializes in designing and constructing multi-family housing complexes. Blokable has a unique modular approach to engineering and construction that greatly reduces the cost and time associated with creating and operating housing. However, Vancouver is a site with high seismic activity, meaning any housing built there needs to withstand that seismic activity and be ICC-approved. To reduce construction costs, Blokable also did not want to use welding to affix the steel frames of these modular homes together. Since many of these connections are largely to hollow structural sections, a unique construction method needed to be used.

SOLUTION: LNA Solutions decided the best implement to attach these hollow structural steel frames together were BoxBolts, not only because they can easily be installed by no more than one person with a torque wrench, but they’re also ICC-approved. This means, in addition to keeping costs down, BoxBolts can withstand high-seismic activity, keeping the future residents of these modular homes safe from tremors and earthquake damage. LNA Solutions’ Type-C BoxBolts are approved for use in seismic zones A through F, making them an ideal choice for the job.

ICC Approved BoxBolt® (Type C)

ICC Approved BoxBolt® (Type C)

  • Mild Steel to BS EN 10083 Grade 1.1151
  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • ICC ESR-3217
  • Acceptance Criteria - AC437
  • ICC Approved
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