Blue Origin – Cape Canaveral, Florida

Rocket Launch Pad

CHALLENGE: Blue Origin is an aerospace company focused on perfecting reusable space travel vehicles to expand humanity to the final frontier. Largely, the company develops state of the art rocket engines, while manufacturing their own rockets, spacecraft, and satellites. Blue Origin also provides launch services for other aerospace companies. During the development of landing pads at Blue Origin’s new Cape Canaveral launch facility, their design required a complex structural support system with logistical concerns that needed a damageless, flexible and adjustable solution that benefited from the durability of stainless steel.

SOLUTION: To meet the demands of such a complex project that relies on being durable and adjustable, LNA Solutions Type BK BeamClamps were used to connect W-Beams in the launch structure, but the project also called for a more specialized solution. Connecting the W-Beams in the launch support structure also meant LNA needed to devise a custom designed clamp, an offshoot of the type BE2 BeamClamp design, something we used to meet the unique requirements of this ambitious, non-traditional support design.

beamclamp type be1 flange clamp

Flat and Sloped Flanges (Type BE1 + BE2)

  • Hot dip galvanized BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from ductile iron to BS EN 1563
  • 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Lloyds Register approved
  • Socket screw adjustment
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