Children’s Mercy Park – Kansas City, Kansas

Mazuma Mezzanine Construction and Design

CHALLENGE: Children’s Mercy Park is a soccer stadium in Kansas City, Kansas; home to the Sporting Kansas City Major League Soccer team. As part of a major expansion project, a large soccer ball-pattern net-like structure was to be built at the stadium, known as the Mazuma Mezzanine. This impressive structure is more a piece of engineering art rather than a frame or anything load-bearing, so aesthetics needed to be prioritized in the design above all else to accomplish the intended vision of the structure. The structure itself is a series of honeycomb-like hexagons connected together in a manner similar to the pattern on a soccer ball. The structure also bends around slightly as it travels upward, similar to a soccer net. Because this project was all about accomplishing this design in an aesthetically pleasing way, welding was not to be used, and the connections themselves were hollow structural steel, complicating matters further.

SOLUTION: To complete the structure, LNA Solutions partnered with a longtime client, construction company Thornton Tomasetti, to get the job done. Since the structure's look was the main priority here, using a non-destructive connection method was important, with BoxBolts being chosen for the job. A series of BoxBolts were used at each point that the steel beams comprising the structure met and needed to be joined, accomplishing this task in a fashion that looks seamless enough to incorporate itself into the structure's overall design. Additionally, BoxBolts ensure that each connection point is adequately durable to withstand wind and other weather conditions.