Conrad Hotel – Manhattan, New York

Rooftop Garden Installation

CHALLENGE: When the Conrad Hotel in Manhattan had a new rooftop garden built, the tube steel surrounding this rooftop garden needed to be connected, ensuring the structure was supported adequately on all sides. However, this did pose two logistical problems that made a traditional welding solution impractical. Namely, the height of the garden meant welding operations would be difficult and dangerous; also, considering the tube steel needed to be connected to hollow structural sections, a unique bolting solution was required. Luckily, that's the exact kind of solution that LNA specializes in engineering.

SOLUTION: LNA employed the use of BoxBolts, a unique hollow structural steel bolting solution that satisfied the limitations of the project while delivering durability and strength to surpass traditional welded connection methods. BoxBolts attached the surrounding tube steel using the angle bracket and flat plate pre-engineered solutions, allowing for a strong connection that seamlessly integrated itself into the look of the building’s scenic garden structure. BoxBolts saved the project considerable time, money, and planning relative to choosing welding to accomplish the task instead, making for a perfectly fitting solution for the garden installation.