Exelon Eddystone Generating Station – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monorail System Installation

CHALLENGE: Just south of Philadelphia International Airport, the Exelon Eddystone Generating Station is a massive power plant that required the installation of an ambitious project: a monorail system to run around the length of the building. This project required everything from removing older components in the building’s pre-existing rail system to installing pre-engineered plates and other solutions to ensure the steel beams keeping the system together could be supported and connected precisely to ensure the monorail system worked properly. For a task this intricate that requires a degree of flexibility, welding would have made the process all the more difficult; what was needed was a strong, durable connection solution that could be removed and readjusted if need be to ensure the complex structure was installed precisely.

SOLUTION: LNA Solutions offered their Type BA and BB BeamClamps to the project, providing exactly the solution the monorail system needed to be constructed properly. BeamClamps are flexible and adaptable by design, considering their clamp-like structure makes them easy to adjust and remove without damaging the steel or using any specialized tools. Another advantage of BeamClamps specifically useful for the unique requirements of such an ambitious project is their versatility; BeamClamps can be used with a wide variety of pre-engineered components to ensure connections take place at the precise angle, distance, or direction they’re meant to, maximizing distribution of weight and precise spacing to ensure the structural integrity and durability of the structure is maintained above all else. In addition to being faster and cheaper than welded solutions, BeamClamps also integrate themselves more seamlessly into the look of a structure, meaning durability, flexibility, and versatility are all preserved and prioritized without sacrificing the aesthetics of a project.

beamclamp type ba bb flange clamp

Flat Flange (Type BA + BB)

Type BA and BB clamps are commonly used in pairs to connect structural steel sections together.
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