FedEx Distribution Center – Stockton, California

Replacing Lindapter GirderClamps

CHALLENGE: FedEx facilities have long used Lindapter GirderClamps to secure their structural steel components. However, in recent years, LNA has partnered with Western Industrial Contractors to devise a more structurally sound and cost-effective solution for FedEx’s future construction projects. Specifically, for one FedEx distribution center in Stockton, CA, Western Industrial Contractors needed to connect steel support members together without using Lindapter GirderClamps. Normally, welding would need to be used to attach smaller support elements together in these circumstances.

SOLUTION: To provide a more cost-effective steel connection solution with numerous structural and cost-oriented advantages over Lindapter Girderclamps, LNA Solutions supplied BeamClamps, an easier-to-install, highly flexible method of steel-to-steel connection that provides FedEx facilities with higher structural durability while reducing cost and installation times. BeamClamp’s ease of installation and removal means the steel support elements used in the Stockton, California facility could be installed with greater flexibility than welded connections and at a fraction of the cost, skill, and time required to do so.


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