High Rise Building – Temporary Pulley Track

Construction of a Temporary Pulley Track Structure

CHALLENGE: A highrise building construction project required a pulley rig to be installed on its roof, and that rig needed a series of temporary tracks built to help it glide back and forth, relocating materials from the ground onto the upper floors of the building. Welding was not a possibility for this project for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the sheer height of the building’s roof meant welding could be extremely difficult and dangerous. Additionally, the structure was meant to be durable and sturdy but also temporary, meaning it needed to be disassembled after the project was completed; welding was also out of the question.

SOLUTION: Given the sheer height of the structure and the requirement that the pulley track needed to be dismantled after use, a solution needed to be found that could be safely installed and dismantled with ease that did not compromise on the strength required to act as a reliable pulley system. Due to their simple-to-install yet extremely flexible and durable nut-and-bolt design, LNA Solutions BeamClamps were chosen as the ideal implement to connect the steel pulley system track beams together. Not only were they easy to install and durable enough to provide a practical solution, but BeamClamps are also incredibly easy to remove, meaning the track could be dismantled just as quickly as it was erected in the first place. After the track was no longer needed, it was disassembled with no damage to the remaining structural steel components of the building, making for a seamless solution that benefited the project by being cost-effective, flexible, and completed quickly.

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