Hunters Point South Pavilion – Queens, New York

Pavilion Roof

CHALLENGE: 30 Acres of waterfront housing development transformed the post-industrial waterfront of Hunter’s Point South into a richly trafficked mixed-use space situated on prime waterfront property. The development established housing at a range of price points from affordable to upscale through an ambitious, multi-phase construction project. Part of this waterfront development is a park area with a pavilion that needed steel framing for its roof. However, the contractor emphasized the importance of preserving the aesthetics of the building. This, along with stringent time constraints, meant welding was not a feasible option for constructing the roof’s steel frame.

SOLUTION: The contractor of the development project reached out to LNA to provide a solution, and LNA provided Type C BoxBolts, allowing the steel supports to be installed with ease. Using BoxBolts for the steel structure of the pavilion roof provided numerous advantages over a traditional welded connection. Firstly, the project was completed in a much quicker time frame since installing BoxBolts is much simpler than hiring and scheduling a welder and is much more cost-effective. Since aesthetics were a very important aspect of the project, the uniform, discreet appearance of the BoxBolts also lent themselves well, achieving a clean finish. Once painted, the BoxBolts are seamlessly incorporated into the steel frame’s final appearance. BoxBolts are also ICC-approved, meaning they are earthquake and tremor resistant.