Hunters Point South Pavilion

Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park transforms 30 acres of post-industrial waterfront into a rich public space in Queens, NY.  

The contractor reached out to LNA about connecting steel framing for the roof of the brand-new pavilion.  The contractor was looking to keep the aesthetic look of the building and avoid welding due to time constraints.  LNA provided our ICC Approved (Type C) BoxBolt allowing them to easily install the steel supports without the need for welding, the bolts were then painted to match, giving the visible supports a clean look.

boxbolt blind bold fastener

The Original BoxBolt®

The BoxBolt is available in three finishes:

  • Zinc plated for the less aggressive environments
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for the more aggressive environments
  • Stainless Steel for the most demanding of applications

These finishes combined with three lengths of BoxBolt make it extremely flexible to suit every environment and application.


  • Mild steel to BS EN 10083 Grade 1.1151
  • Stainless steel to BS EN 10088 Grade 1.4401
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