Meijer – Redford, Michigan

Connecting Steel Tube Frame to Storefront

CHALLENGE: Meijer is a major American grocery-store chain that primarily operates across the midwest; the first Meijer store opened all the way back in 1934, and today, the franchise has expanded to over 200 locations. When a brand new Meijer store needed to be constructed in Redford, Michigan, an exposed steel-frame entrance structure was created to invite customers with big-picture windows and natural lighting. However, constructing this steel frame storefront came with a notable challenge: the connections themselves would be completely visible to customers. This meant welding couldn’t be used; the damage that welded connections make on the surface of steel components wouldn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and the connections themselves were high enough off the ground to make welding and through-bolting unfeasible.

SOLUTION: To attach the structural steel tube frame for the unique two-story glass storefront design, LNA Solutions decided that BoxBolts were the perfect solution. Traditional connections on structural steel tubing under most circumstances aren’t just unsightly, they’re awkward to successfully accomplish, two challenges that the use of BoxBolts utterly does away with. Since anyone entering and exiting the store could see the connections responsible for keeping the frame together, the unobtrusive design of BoxBolts integrated themselves flawlessly into the frame’s uniform design. The usual advantages of BoxBolt construction also applied themselves well to the project, namely their ease of installation and impressive durability. By avoiding the need to weld or through-bolt, the Meijer storefront project not only achieved the aesthetically pleasing look it needed, but it did so through durable connections that saved the construction project time and money.