Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta, Georgia

Retracting Oculus Roof

CHALLENGE: For Atlanta, Georgia’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, an ambitious retracting oculus roof needed to be constructed, consisting of a series of panels arranged in a circle designed to open, similar to a camera lens. The sheer size and complexity of the project is an engineering feat in and of itself, but the real challenge to consider with this project is that each steel section needed to move in coordination with the rest without fail. This requires connections with an extremely strong, resilient load capacity. The height of these components would’ve made welding a challenge to conduct, but the main logistical difficulty of welding in this context is its indeterminate load capacity. The strength of a weld is difficult to properly calculate, as it's largely based on the quality of that weld. The steel-to-steel connections required were also attached to hollow structural sections, further limiting the available options. This means LNA needed to find an ideal solution prioritizing high load capacity to make this engineering marvel a reality.

SOLUTION: The combination of high clamping range and superior load capacity of BoxBolts made them a clear, perfect solution to this engineering challenge. Their ease of installation also made them an incredibly apt answer to this problem, attaching the steel components together in a fashion that’s simple to readjust and can be safely installed by one person without needing specialized equipment. LNA Solutions’ BoxBolts ensured the Oculus roof could expand and construct without issue, while their non-destructive connection solution meant the look of the steel structure didn’t need to be marred by unsightly burn marks. BoxBolts saved the construction project time and money and provided the perfect logistical solution.