One World Trade Center – New York, New York

Attaching Curtain Wall Brackets to Steel Structure

CHALLENGE: One World Trade Center is the largest in a series of buildings in the area known as Ground Zero in New York City. Ground Zero is a 16-acre area that also includes the National 9/11 Memorial. One World Trade Center is currently the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, standing at 1,776 feet tall, comprising 2.6 million square feet of office space and 45,000 tons of structural steel. A notable challenge during construction was the attachment of curtain wall brackets to hollow structural steel sections located on the building. Conventionally, welding or through-bolting would need to be used, but considering the height of the building, both methods would’ve been costly and logistically challenging to complete. 

SOLUTION: Luckily, LNA Solutions could use BoxBolts, a logistically much easier and more cost-effective method of joining the curtain wall brackets to the building’s hollow structural steel sections. BoxBolts not only eliminated the need for welding, which would have otherwise been difficult to arrange and costly to conduct, but they also meant through-bolting didn’t need to be used either, meaning each bracket could be fastened to the structure through the efforts of just one person. This reduced labor costs, and dramatically decreased the time in which attaching the curtain wall brackets took to complete. BoxBolts were specifically chosen for the job due to their ease of installation into tube steel and the relatively simple steel prep required. During installation, LNA Solutions made several visits to the site to assist Benson Industries and Tishman Realty & Construction to ensure BoxBolts were installed correctly.