Patapsco Water Treatment Plant – Baltimore, Maryland

Grating Clip Replacement

CHALLENGE: Following a deeply unfortunate fatality, the Patapsco Water Treatment facility partnered with LNA Solutions to replace the grating clips used to hold steel flooring at the plant in place. Oftentimes, grating clips that are not galvanized can weaken or rust over time due to use and exposure to moisture, eventually leading to a tragic accident like this. The employee lost their life after the steel flooring below them gave way due to a weakened grating clip, which was fashioned from aluminum; an inferior metal. Patapsco Water Treatment facility immediately took steps to improve the safety of their facilities as a result.

SOLUTION: LNA partnered with Patapsco Water Treatment facility to replace all instances of their previous aluminum grating clips with their Stainless Steel GF1S08 grating clips, a highly durable alternative that is guaranteed to hold up far better to the tribulations of daily use than aluminum can. LNA Solutions’ grating clips are also treated with a galvanized coating, which is optimized to resist moisture and other environmental factors. This means they won’t rust when exposed to moisture, further bolstering their impressive longevity and structural integrity. With LNA Solutions grating clips, personnel can be assured their flooring is soundly and durably secured in place.

Grating Clip GrateFix - Grating Fastener

GrateFix™ Grating Clip

  • Mechanical Galvanized Malleable Iron
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 and 316
  • No drilling, tapping or welding required
  • Allows easy repositioning or lifting of grating
  • No special tools or skilled labor required
  • No access to the underside required
  • Tested for vibration conditions at TÜV
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