Patapsco Water Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD

Following a fatality, Patapsco Water Treatment Plant partners with LNA Solutions to replace their grating clips with LNA’s Stainless Steel GF1S08.

CHALLENGE: On June 3rd 2019 the Patapsco Water Treatment Plant suffered a fatality, as an employee fell through unsecured grating on a catwalk.. The grating clip previously used was made out of aluminum.

SOLUTION: Patapsco Water Treatment Plant has since partnered with LNA Solutions, Inc. to replace all of their grating clips with LNA’s Stainless Steel GF1S08.

GrateFix™ Grating Clip

  • Mechanical Galvanized Malleable Iron
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 and 316
  • No drilling, tapping or welding required
  • Allows easy repositioning or lifting of grating
  • No special tools or skilled labor required
  • No access to the underside required
  • Tested for vibration conditions at TÜV
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