Qualis Prather Bridge – Walkway Reinforcement

Walkway Reinforcement

CHALLENGE: Spanning from Westminster, South Carolina, to Toccoa, Georgia, the Qualis Prather Bridge is located in a remote wooded area. To ensure the safety of residents and others using the bridge, a newly reinforced steel walkway needed to be built and installed, but doing so couldn’t be accomplished through traditional means. Being a wooded area created two sizable obstacles, making welding difficult. One was the wetness; located over a river, the area was too wet for welding to take hold. Hiring a welder to conduct the procedure from a high-up remote location would have been costly, logistically difficult, and dangerous. The other obstacle was the fact that lead paint was also used in the bridge's construction, meaning that before welding could begin, the lead would need abatement.

SOLUTION: LNA Solutions partnered with contractor Terry Construction to assemble and install the new walkway, with Terry Construction engineering the walkway itself and LNA engineering its connection to the bridge's steel components. LNA needed a solution that could withstand extreme tensile load, as well as vibrations from passing trains, and did not require welding. The answer was BeamClamps, which were used to anchor the steel walkway structure to the bridge from the outside. Packing pieces were also needed to bridge the gap created by the bridge’s steel beams, making for a comprehensive and durable composite solution that will keep the walkway sturdy, safe to use, and securely attached.

beamclamp type by byp high friction clamp

Beamclamp® High Friction Components (Type BY + BYP)

  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563
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