Reston station – Washington D.C.

Attaching Curtain Wall Brackets to Steel Structure

CHALLENGE: Located in Washington D.C., Reston Station is a transit-focused mixed-use urban development containing offices, the Reston Metro Plaza, and an upscale apartment complex with a highly unique shape that widens at each level of the building. Work began in 2020, and east of the Mississippi River, the Reston Station construction project was one of the largest of its kind ever constructed, requiring over one million man-hours to complete. When construction was being conducted on the penthouse section of the apartment complex, curtain wall brackets needed to be attached to hollow structural steel. However, doing so under conventional means would pose significant difficulties. Considering only one side of the connection was accessible, welding was logistically difficult. In most cases, through-bolting would usually be used, a tricky process that involves the coordination of two workers and difficulties in its own right.

SOLUTION: LNA Solutions, partnering with Thornton Tomasetti, employed BoxBolts, attaching the curtain wall brackets without the need for welding or through-bolting. Through this, the use of BoxBolts not only eliminated the need for welding, tapping, drilling additional holes, or needing to access the opposite side of the connection, but they also reduced overall labor costs and the time the project would have otherwise taken to complete. With BoxBolts attaching the curtain wall to the tube steel, the project was completed in a fashion that saved time, money, and the need to hire specialized workers for welding.