Sacramento Courthouse – Sacramento, California

Attaching Trolley System

CHALLENGE: A trolley system needed to be installed to facilitate the construction of the new Sacramento Courthouse in Sacramento, California. However, this trolley needed to be attached to the structure’s old, pre-existing steel beams, which had been coated with a fireproofing substance. Because of the fireproofing foam, which partially needed to be scraped away, and the beams' age, welding or drilling was deemed impractical to mount the trolley. Additionally, the height of the trolley meant any kind of welding, drilling, or even just through-bolting would be difficult to coordinate and dangerous to attempt.

SOLUTION: After much of the fireproofing was scraped away from the old steel beams, LNA provided Type BB BeamClamps, allowing the trolley to be installed quickly and in a non-destructive way, eliminating the need for welding. Specifically, Type BB BeamClamps are designed to attach steel sections with flat flanges, something the steel beams of the courthouse had, meaning the clamps could accommodate the pre-existing components of the structure they were designed to connect. As opposed to more permanent connection methods, BeamClamps can also be easily removed without compromising structural integrity or connection strength. This is another way in which using BeamClamps uniquely benefitted the project since once the construction was complete, the trolley sections needed to be removed. With BeamClamps, they could be both installed and removed safely, maintaining a strong connection while they were in-place that left no trace once the connections were dismantled and the trolley was removed.

beamclamp type ba bb flange clamp

Flat Flange (Type BA + BB)

  • Hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from ductile iron to BS EN 1563
  • 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Lloyds Register approved
  • DIBt approved
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