Sea Wall – Duluth, Minnesota

Strengthening Sea Wall

CHALLENGE: When a large steel sea wall in Duluth, Minnesota, needed reinforcement, a strengthening steel structure needed to be attached to the preexisting wall sections. Considering that only the outside of the wall was accessible, and much of it was underwater, this raised an immediate logistical challenge that usually leads to only one traditional solution- underwater welding. The problem is that underwater welding isn’t just a very difficult practice; hiring an underwater welder is extremely expensive and specialized work. This means a new solution had to be devised, particularly to save money while still providing a robust means to connect the hollow steel structural sections that can be performed more simply.

SOLUTION: In order to connect the steel structural reinforcements to the sea wall, LNA Solutions found the perfect use case for one of their flagship products: the BoxBolt. This project allowed every advantage of the BoxBolt to be used to its maximum effect, and some in unique ways not normally needed to such a degree. Firstly, the underwater sections of the wall could cause lesser bolts to rust, but the galvanized finish and stainless steel construction of BoxBolts make them impervious to natural factors like water, meaning they aren’t susceptible to rusting. Installation was another challenge brought about by the underwater sections, but thankfully, BoxBolts can be easily installed without specialized equipment and only through the efforts of one person, greatly streamlining the installation process underwater and above the surface. Finally, BoxBolts offer a more consistent, calculable strength and durability, which welding can’t equal, meaning it was assured that the steel reinforcements the BoxBolts attached could withstand any natural influences. Since much of the installation needed to be conducted underwater, the timing for the diving team was critical. Luckily, BoxBolts ensured the project remained on schedule, especially through the use of the unique BoxSok installation tool- even as the project needed to use thousands of BoxBolts to reinforce the length of the wall properly.

Boxsok™ Rapid Assembly Tool

A rapid assembly tool specially designed for the BoxBolt®
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