Strengthening Sea Wall

Thousands of our Size 3 BoxBolts were used on this project. The strengthening of the sea wall at Duluth in Minnesota was achieved by using the BoxBolt and installing them from the outside only.

CHALLENGE: A sea wall in Duluth, MN needed to be strengthened by connecting back to the existing structure. Part of the installation had to be done underwater.

SOLUTION: A strengthening steel structure was connected back to the existing structure but this included a composite material in between the external steel and the internal structure.

Size 3 BoxBolts were selected to reach through the composite material and connect to the steel at the back of the connection.

Some of the installations were required to be performed underwater so installation time for the diving team was critical. Our BoxSok installation tool was used to speed up this process so that the time under the water was used as effectively as possible.

Boxsok™ Rapid Assembly Tool

A rapid assembly tool specially designed for the BoxBolt®
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