Underground Tunnel – Virginia

Tunnel Wall Reinforcement

CHALLENGE: Located in the state of Virginia, this massive underground tunnel had seen its walls corroded by seemingly decades of natural environmental factors. The corrosion of the tunnel walls required all new steel liner plates to be affixed, but this would be no easy task. The moisture in the area meant a solution needed to be in place that wouldn’t be susceptible to rust, and since underground access was only reserved to just one side of the tunnel walls, the connections that needed to be made were to hollow structural steel. The moisture in the tunnel meant welding was out of the question, so LNA was tasked with devising a solution.

SOLUTION: BoxBolts were quickly chosen to solve this ambitious project, and there are numerous reasons why. Firstly, their galvanized stainless steel coating makes them entirely moisture-resistant, causing concerns about rusting to become a thing of the past. They can also be easily installed into hollow structural sections without the need for skilled labor or specialized tools, meaning anyone working on-site is capable of installing them. This tunnel wall reinforcement project did require an absolutely astronomical 61,000 BoxBolts to secure the wall panels across the entire length of the tunnel, but once completed, LNA was confident they had found and implemented the perfect solution.