University of Buffalo – Buffalo, New York

Solar Panel Array Installation

CHALLENGE: A massive solar panel array was to be installed at the University of Buffalo, but logistical challenges arose when figuring out how to attach the panels themselves to their dedicated support structure. Not only did the sheer number of panels to be attached pose a challenge, but the area where the job needed to be completed had (somewhat ironically) little access to electricity. This not only made welding expensive but also made it especially time-consuming and difficult to arrange. This means an attachment method needed to be used that could be done without electricity and in a reasonable amount of time since installing such a large number of solar panels could be very time-consuming without an installation method that could be done quickly.

SOLUTION: Given the challenges present with this project, LNA Solutions recommended the use of BoxBolts, specifically when it came to attaching them to the tube steel meant to support the solar panels. BoxBolts provide a durable solution that can be installed quickly and easily, but better yet, it only needs to be done by one person, meaning the massive array of solar panels could be attached simultaneously, with only one person needed per panel. This didn’t just save the project time but money as well since BoxBolts are much less expensive to procure and install when compared to hiring, scheduling, and conducting welding operations.