Walmart Distribution Center – Colton, California

Adjustable Conveyor Belt System

CHALLENGE: When a Walmart distribution center in Colton, California was looking to construct an ambitious 12-mile-long conveyor belt system to transport goods across the facility, LNA Solutions was tasked with building, designing, connecting, and supporting the conveyor belt system. Support was made difficult by the unique requirements of the conveyor; namely, it needed to be adjustable. This means a connection solution was required that allowed for flexibility.

SOLUTION: Due to their self-adjustable, easy-to-install design, Type BM BeamClamps were instrumental in the conveyor belt system's design and construction while streamlining the installation process. LNA Solutions worked closely with the contractor installing the system to ensure it was handled correctly, and BeamClamps aid in that work by being easy to install, effortless to adjust, and generally more cost effective than traditional solutions such as welding.

BeamClamp® Components (Type BM)

  • Electro-Galvanized Tempered Steel
  • 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Self Adjusting Body Style
  • Accommodates Negative Grip Values
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BeamClamp® Application Methods
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