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LNA Solutions - serving the US market since 1995

Our name was changed to LNA Solutions to better reflect the way we do business. We don’t just sell you the components, we provide technical design solutions for any steel connection challenge you encounter. Our sales team and qualified engineers will give you first class service and ensure you receive custom designs to meet your needs, with no additional cost to you. Every job is designed and checked to ensure full compliance with your specifications. Before shipping, every order is double checked to ensure you don’t encounter a shortage on-site.

LNA Solutions a Kee Safety Company

LNA Solutions became part of the Kee Safety Group Ltd in July 2010 which has helped the business to grow and pursue its ambition that was difficult to do as a distributor. A full overview and history of the Kee Safety Group Ltd can be viewed on the corporate site.  See our company history and overview.

Quality Service

LNA Solutions has now taken service to a new level. We are not just a distributor, but now own our supply chain from foundry to warehouse. We control the manufacturing process, ensuring the quality of our products; we control our inventory, ensuring product availability; and we control our pricing, ensuring great value for your money.


Our BeamClamp® range is extensive, and we continue to add new products, developing and enhancing items to meet our customer’s needs. LNA Solutions is North America’s leading steelwork connection company, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you have a question or an application problem, call us, and we’ll deliver the solution.

The BeamClamp® and BoxBolt® range of clamps are a series of products that provide a secure clamping method for structural steel. The clamps provide solutions for joining steel without the need for on-site drilling or welding, giving much more flexibility than traditional methods. The system provides a guaranteed connection every time without the need for on-site verification, providing the installation guidelines are correctly followed.

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