BoxBolt application for ICC-ES Evaluation Report

BoxBolt is the first blind fastener to apply for an ICC-ES Evaluation Report. LNA Solutions Inc has been working extensively with ICC-ES to develop the 'Acceptance Criteria for Expansion Bolts in Structural Steel Connections (Blind Bolts)' as a means of establishing a standard for the use of its BoxBolt range of blnd fasteners. This work which took over a year to complete was accepted by ICC-ES in October 2011 as AC437.

BoxBolt has now completed its testing programme at an IAS accredited test facility and is now in the final stages of the ratification process. Obtaining the Evaluation Report will be a major advance for LNA Solutions, the USA market leading supplier of structural steel connectors. Established in the USA since 1995, LNA Solutions is focused entirely on providing technical excellence to all users of its BeamClamp and BoxBolt  steel connection products. 

As part of the Kee Safety Group, LNA is able to control its entire supply chain from pont of manufature through to the end user, ensuring full compliance with all quality requirements. In addition to ICC-ES, BoxBolt is already approved by Lloyds Register (LR) and Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DiBt).

For more information on BoxBolt and the ICC application, please contact LNA Solutions.