World’s Largest Video Boards Constructed using Kee Safety’s BoxBolt®

Reliant Stadium Scoreboard

In a bid to host the Super Bowl, the Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium is installing the world's largest in-stadium HD video displays. These enormous screens measure in at 277 feet wide and 52 feet tall.  

Various parts of these video boards were constrcuted with hollow structural steel. Because of this, Kee Safety's blind bolt, the BoxBolt®, was used in areas with limited or no access to the back side of the steel to steel connections. It was chosen because of the stringent testing, safety factors, ease of use and time saving installation benifits. The bolts used for this project were provided by LNA Solutions, a Kee Safety company with offices located in Texas and Michagan. 


Learn more about the BoxBolt®, the first blind anchor bolt to receive certification from ICC-ES (ICC Evaluation Service).

Visit the Houston Press for more iniformation on the Reliant Stadium Construction Project.