BeamClamp® Components (Type BM)

The BM is a one piece, self adjusting clamp. This clamp adjusts between a specified clamping range and is suitable for both parallel and tapered flanges.

Measurements & Specifications

BeamClamp Components Type BM
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Product CodeBolt DiaGrip Range (-G to +G)ABCWidthTorque (ft lb)Tensile SWL (lbs)
(per bolt)
Friction SWL (lbs)
(per 4 bolts)
BM1G103/8-1/4 - 3/813/165/81/21-1/444512410
BM1G121/2-1/4 - 9/1613/167/81/21-1/262566452
BM1G165/8-1/4 - 11/161-1/4111/161-15/161181,2671,012
BM1G16_RF5/8-1/4 - 11/161-13/1617/81-15/1643640X
BM1G203/4-7/16 - 7/81-9/161-1/47/82-1/22581,6081,288

How It Works

How It Works

The BM is ideal in applications where flange thicknesses vary or are unknown as well as in seismic conditions (the 5/8” RF version of the clamp is seismically rated). Should the maximum clamping range be exceeded our BF2 and BG2 packers can be used to increase it.

Features & Benefits

  • Electro-Galvanized Tempered Steel
  • 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Self Adjusting Body Style
  • Accommodates Negative Grip Values
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