BeamClamp® Packing Pieces

Packing Pieces are used in combination with the clamping range of a BeamClamp to ensure a correct connection.

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How It Works

How It Works

BeamClamp® Packing Pieces for standard clamps come in a range of packing pieces designed to provide support to the underside of beam clamps to ensure they clamp on to the steel structures at the correct angle. LNA Solutions offers a series of short packers designed for the BA, BB, BT and BW clamps and a long series for the BK1 clamps that reach further back on to the supporting steel.

Measurements & Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum number of packing pieces I should use?

No. However we recommend that if using more than three packers that the total thickness of the physical products are checked before installation to avoid build up of manufacturing tolerances.

Is there a right way up for the packing pieces?

Yes. The writing should always face upwards when installed. This is not essential on BH1 and BH2 packing pieces since they are flat, but on the cast packing pieces this will ensure the flat surface is at the top to support the back of the clamp correctly.

How do I know how many packing pieces to use?

This can be calculated with the “Specifying Beamclamp” resource. If you need assistance, please contact us.

What dimension is the thickness of the packing?

Thickness is shown on Dimension A in Measurements & Specifications. This should be used in combination with the tail length or clamping range of the clamp it is being used with.

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