Flat Flange (Type BA + BB)

BeamClamp® Type BA and BB flange clamps connect structural steel beams with parallel/flat flanges. Both clamps are available in multiple lengths, to suit the needs for various projects.

Measurements & Specifications

BeamClamp Type BA + BB Flange Clamp
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Tail LengthProduct CodeProduct CodeA
Bolt Dia
BCD1D2EWidthTorque (ft lb)Tensile SWL (lbs) (per bolt)Friction SWL (lbs) (per 4 bolts)

3D Product Model

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How It Works

beamclamp type ba bb dimensions

How It Works

BeamClamp® Type BA and BB flange clamps are commonly used in pairs to clamp two steel sections together. Type BA flange clamp has a recessed top to grip the head of a grade 8.8 setscrew or bolt, allowing a nut and washer to be tightened down to the Type BB flat top. Both structural clamps are available in three tail lengths (see Dimension E in Measurements & Specifications) to fit the thickness of steel. Type BA and BB flange clamps are suitable for parallel flanges and flanges up to 8 degrees taper. Each of the clamps can be used on their own if one piece of the steelwork has been pre-drilled. Packing pieces BF1, BG1 and BH1 can be used in combination with the tail length to match to the steel flange.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from ductile iron to BS EN 1563
  • 5 to 1 Factor of Safety
  • Lloyds Register approved
  • DIBt approved

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recess in Type BA beam attachment used for?

Type BA recessed top is used to captivate a hexagon head of a bolt or nut to stop it spinning and allows tightening by using one wrench.

Why do Type BA/BB beam clamps have specific tail lengths?

Type BA/BB clamps have specific tail lengths (see Dimension E in Measurements & Specifications). The tail length is used in combination with the thickness of our packing shims to ensure the clamp can connect as close to 90 degrees to the steel flange as possible. Type BA and BB flange clamps have three tail lengths 1,2 and 3. If you need assistance please contact us.

Do Type BA and BB flange clamps always have to be used together?

No. Type BA or BB clamps can be used on their own when only clamping to one steel section. In that situation, Type BA is generally used as you may only need one tool to tighten. Type BB can be used but two wrenches are required for installation.

What packing pieces go with Type BA/BB clamps?

The BF1, BG1 and BH1 are all designed to work with Type BA/BB Clamps. The packings are used to ensure the clamp is secured as close to 90 degrees onto the steel as possible.

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