Beamclamp® High Friction Components (Type BY + BYP)

Type BY clamp is designed for high friction and tensile applications which exceed the capacities of the standard BeamClamp products.

Measurements & Specifications

BeamClamp High Friction Components Type BY & BYP
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Tail LengthProduct CodeBolt GradeA
Bolt Dia.
D1D2EWidth in.Torque (ft lb)Tensile SWL (lbs) per bolt
(5:1 Factor of Safety)
Frictional SWL (lbs) per two bolts Painted Steel
(2:1 Factor of Safety)
Frictional SWL (lbs) per two bolts Galvanized Steel (2:1 Factor of Safety)

How It Works

How It Works

Type BY clamp has a recessed top that prevents the head of the bolt from rotating during installation, therefore requires only one wrench. Type BYP washer can be used to fill in the recess of Type BY, and provide a flat surface for a washer and nut. This also allows the Type BY structural clamps to be used together in beam to beam connections. The full width tail of Type BY allows for use with slotted holes for greater diversity in applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Type BY Clamp capable of such high frictional loads?

Type BY clamp has larger sections than standard clamps which allows it to be tightened to higher torques. This increases the clamping force onto the steel and therefore increases the frictional slip capacity. Type BY can be used grade 5 or A325 bolts and for increased frictional capacity A490 bolts and apply a higher torque.

What is the Frictional failure mode?

Frictional failure mode is when the connection is measured to have moved 1mm or 0.039” from its original position. The safety factor of 2 to 1 is then applied to this load, therefore, the test load we publish is at half that of the point where the connection even moves 0.039”.

Can I use packing pieces with Type BY beam clamp?

Yes, BF3, BF4 and BH2 packing pieces are specifically designed for use with Type BY beam attachment.

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