ICC Approved BoxBolt® (Type C)

Blind bolt fasteners for faster, easier, blind structural connections suited for every environment and application. Physically tested with IAS certification.

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How It Works

How It Works

The BoxBolt is a fully tested blind bolt fastener used to connect to tube steel or where access is restricted to only one side of the structural steel. It can be used with rectangular, square or circular sections, and only requires a clearance hole to be drilled to suit its outside diameter. The holes can be drilled off-site for new projects, or on-site for retro-fit applications.

The BoxBolt® Type C is physically tested with International Accreditation Service (IAS) certification which guarantees load value with the correct torque applied, as stated in Measurements & Specifications. Installation of BoxBolt requires any skilled labor and simple hand tools. Our unique BoxSok installation tool can be used for quicker installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Mild Steel to BS EN 10083 Grade 1.1151
  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • ICC ESR-3217
  • Acceptance Criteria - AC437
  • ICC Approved

Measurements & Specifications

BoxBolt TypeC Dimensional and Install Information METRIC
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Part Number & DescriptionDimensional InformationInstall Info.
Product CodeBoxBolt® (Core Bolt Diameter)DescriptionCore Bolt LengthClamping Range (X) MinClamping Range (X) MaxAcross Flats of ShoulderCollar ThicknessDim ADim BDim C Drill DiaTorque (Nm)
BQ1GAL12C121/2" BoxBolt® Size 15512.723.813268.45228.57520.63780
BQ2GAL12C121/2" BoxBolt® Size 28019.0547.625268.45228.57520.63760
BQ3GAL12C121/2" BoxBolt® Size 310038.166.322268.45228.57520.63760
BQ1GAL16C165/8" BoxBolt® Size 17515.87534.925369.46834.92526.987190
BQ2GAL16C165/8" BoxBolt® Size 210025.458.737369.46834.92526.987190
BQ3GAL16C165/8" BoxBolt® Size 310050.877.787369.46834.92526.987190
BQ1GAL20C203/4" BoxBolt® Size 110019.0546.0374611.48744.4534.925300
BQ2GAL20C203/4" BoxBolt® Size 213033.33776.24611.48744.4534.925300
BQ3GAL20C203/4" BoxBolt® Size 315065.087101.64611.48744.4534.925300


ICC ESR-3217

The BoxBolt® is the first blind bolt to receive an Evaluation Service Report from the ICC Evaluation Service. Our report can be viewed on the ICC website.

Acceptance Criteria - AC437

The testing and analysis have been performed in accordance to AC437 Acceptance Criteria. This ensures all aspects of blind bolting are covered and that our product is safe to use for all blind connections. The data in our technical tables were all developed from physical testing. See a full copy of acceptance criteria AC437.

Product Testing

The testing LNA Solutions instigated was performed at an IAS certified test facility and the report is available for review.

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