Boxsok™ Rapid Assembly Tool

The BoxSok™ Installation Tool is a rapid, unique assembly tool for the BoxBolt. The specially designed socket holds the hexagon shoulder on the body to stop rotating while allowing the inner socket to tighten up the core bolt. The core bolt draws the cone up inside the slotted body of the sleeve and expands the individual fins inside the connection. The BoxSok eliminates the need for two tools to install the BoxBolt, considerably speeds up the installation process and reduces the risk of trapping hands between two tools. The BoxSok™ is available to suit all BoxBolt diameters.

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How It Works

How It Works

BoxBolts must be installed in pre-drilled holes in the sections to be connected. The holes must have the correct diameter, spacing, and edge distance according to the chart above. The pre-drilled holes must be standard diameter holes conforming to AISC 360, where the bolt hole diameter is no greater than the Body diameter plus 1/16th of an inch. Burrs in the holes must be removed prior to installation.

Measurements & Specifications

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