G-Clip GM

The G-Clip GM fastener is a galvanized steel fastener used to mount devices onto the grating surface. The G-Clip GM fastener consists of three parts; the stamped top, threaded stud, and the lower body assembly.

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How It Works

Grating Clip GM Application

How It Works

The lower body assembly holds in place a 1/2˝ nut, making installation hassle-free. Install using a spanner wrench or an adjustable open end wrench to tighten in place. This clip eliminates the need for J-bolts. The G-Clip GM fastener can withstand 1,000 pounds of direct upward pull force with no distortions. The lower body assembly is constructed with a specially designed stamped wing component that keeps a 1/2˝ nut from turning.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563

Measurements & Specifications

G-Clip GM
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Product CodeStud Diameter (in.)Stud Length (in.)Body Width (in.)
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