Hemispherical Cups And Washers

The hemispherical cups and washers provide pivotable action when used with threaded rod.

Measurements & Specifications

Hemispherical Cups and Washers – BV & BU1
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Washer Product CodeCup Product CodeA
Bolt Dia
BCDEFTensile Load (lbs)

How It Works

beamclamp hemispherical cups washers bu bv assembly

How It Works

Hemispherical cups (BV1) and washers (BU1) provide a pivotable action when used with threaded rod. They allow a 10-degree swing in all vertical directions, and when used in pairs can provide a locked connection.

Typical applications include connecting to a roof rafter, where the threaded rod needs to hang perpendicular to the floor, or for making a ball sock on the legs of air conditioning support frames to allow adjustability for sloping roofs.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows a swing of 10┬░ in all directions
  • Prevents the need to bend threaded rod
  • Provides pivotable element for adjustment
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