FastFit is an off-the-shelf engineered clamping solution for connecting two steel I-beams together without the need for onsite drilling or welding. FastFit guarantees steel-to-steel connection everytime and only requires simple hand tools and semi-skilled labor.

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FastFit Application

How It Works

beamclamp fast-fit steel clamp solution

How It Works

The FastFit system is perfectly packaged in one box, comprising of a frame which wraps around the edges of steel sections and provides positioning for the clamps to be secured. FastFit works for applications at varying angles, by allowing adjustable placement of steel I-beams relative to each other.

The FastFit frame is placed on structural beams and can be adjusted to clamp at the required angle. The structural clamps are then attached and tightened to specified torque rating. The efficiency of the beam attachment system rids the need for on-site testing and scheduling professional installation, as well as, dimishing the need to tamper with the quality of steel sections.

Features & Benefits

  • No drilling or welding of steel
  • Allows for varying crossover angles
  • Guaranteed safe working load
  • Flush connection between both steel sections
  • Independently load tested
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Common Questions

Can FastFit connect steel sections at angles other than 90 degrees?

Yes. FastFit beam clamps allows angle crossovers of up to 45 degrees, but this depends on the widths of the steel being connected. See the Measurements & Specifications for widths and angles that can be achieved.

Is a location plate required with FastFit?

No. FastFit wraps around two sections of structural steel that can sit flush against each other.

How long does it take to install FastFit?

FastFit takes less than five minutes to install.


Measurements & Specifications


FastFit Technical Information

Product CodeBolt dia.Bolt gradeBolt length (in.)Overall size (in.)Flange thickness (in)Flange width (in)Tightening torque (ft/lb)Tensile load (4 bolts) (lbs)Frictional load
(4 bolts) (lbs)
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BCFF16M16 (5/8)8.8513 3/4 x 13 3/41/4 to 12 1/2 to 7 1/211047631,142
Product CodeBolt DiameterBolt GradeBolt Length (mm)Overall size (mm)Flange thickness
Flange Width (mm)Tightening Torque
Tensile SWL (kN) (per 4 bolts)Friction SWL (kN) (per 4 bolts)
BCFF16M16 223.52127349.25 x 346.253 to 25.463.5 to 177.815021.195.08

FastFit Achievable Angles

Channel Size1/2" Bolt dia BT & BW1/2" Bolt dia BY5/8" Bolt dia BY
C15 x 501 + [2 x BH1]1 + BF31 + BH2
C15 x 401 + [2 x BH1]1 + BF31 + BH2
C15 x 33.91 + [2 x BH1]1 + BF31 + BF3
C12 x 3021 + BH21
C12 x 2521 + BH21
C12 x 20.721 + BH21
C10 x 3021X
C10 x 2521X
C10 x 2021X
C10 x 15.321X
C9 x 2021X
C9 x 1521X
C9 x 13.421X
C8 x 18.7521X
C8 x 13.7521X
C8 x 11.521X

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