FloorFix HT™

FloorFix HT™ has all the benefits of our original FloorFix™ design, while also allowing for a higher degree of construction tolerance.

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Floor Fix Grating Clip, LNA Solutions

How It Works

floorfix ht grating clip application

How It Works

FloorFix HT™ suits a wider range of applications and is designed to clamp flooring plate to supporting steel from the top without the need for on-site drilling, tapping, bolting or welding. FloorFix HT™ works with a cam mechanism that can be operated using a basic hexagon key drive, capable of connecting steel flanges from 1/8" - 1" without the need of additional packing pieces. FloorFix HT™ allows steel erectors a higher degree of tolerance, and for floor plates to be connected to new steel erected within +/- 1/4" of its intended position. FloorFix HT™ has all the benefits of our widely renowned original FloorFix™ grating clip design, and is more user friendly.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows for +/- 1/4” construction tolerance
  • Can clamp up to 1” thick steel as standard
  • Hot Dip Galvanized finish as standard
  • No drilling, tapping or welding required
  • Allows easy repositioning or lifting of floor plate
  • No special tools or skilled labor required
  • No access to the underside required
  • Tested for vibration conditions at TÜV
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Installation Instructions

Step 1

Assemble Floorfix HT to the underside of the floor plate making sure the markings “THIS WAY UP” are facing the underside.

Step 2

Tighten the bolt loosely making sure the flat edge of the clamp is in line with the edge of the steel it is going to connect to.

Step 3

Lower the plate in position over the supporting steelwork.

Step 4

Once the floor plate is in position, rotate the countersunk bolt one full turn counter-clockwise.

Step 5

Tighten the countersunk screw until the plate is secured. For guaranteed performance, use the recommended tightening torques given in Measurements & Specifications.


Measurements & Specifications

FloorFix HT

Product CodeScrew DiameterFloor Plate ThicknessSteel Flange ThicknessTightening Torque (ft lb)
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Product CodeScrew DiameterFloor Plate ThicknessSteel Flange ThicknessTightening Torque

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