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The BoxBolt (BQ3Z08) by LNA Solutions is a groundbreaking innovation in structural connections, offering a robust and efficient solution for connecting steel sections without the need for on-site welding or specialized labor. Designed to simplify and accelerate the construction process, the BoxBolt introduces a versatile method of creating secure connections in diverse applications. Its unique design ensures ease of installation and exceptional strength, making it a go-to choice for engineers and builders seeking a reliable and efficient solution for joining steel elements in various structural projects.

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How It Works

How It Works

The Original BoxBolt is a fully tested and approved blind structural bolt solution for connecting to hollow section steel, or structural connections which access is restricted to only one side. The BoxBolt is suitable for rectangular, square, and circular hollow sections. The structural steel anchor bolt features a hexagon head designed to be installed with a standard wrench. Our unique BoxSok installation tool is also available for faster installation.

Features & Benefits

The BoxBolt #BQ3Z08 is available in three finishes:

  • Zinc plated for the less aggressive environments
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for the more aggressive environments
  • Stainless Steel for the most demanding of applications

These finishes combined with three lengths of BoxBolt make it extremely flexible to suit every environment and application.


  • Mild steel to BS EN 10083 Grade 1.1151
  • Stainless steel to BS EN 10088 Grade 1.4401

Measurements & Specifications

BoxBolt Tech Data HDG METRIC
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Select the type of finish you require on the BoxBolt by replacing the “_ “ in the code with a Z for zinc plated, a G for Hot Dip Galvanized or an S for Stainless Steel.

Example: BQ2G12 is a 1/2” BoxBolt size 2 in Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
Part Number & DescriptionDimensional InformationLoad Information
FinishProduct CodeBolt DiaDescriptionSetscrew LengthClamping Range (Min)Clamping Range (Max)Across Flats of ShoulderShoulder
Sleeve DiaHole Size
Torque (Nm)Galvanised / Zinc Plate Tensile (kN)Galvanised / Zinc Plate Shear (kN)Stainless Steel Tensile (kN)Stainless Steel Shear (kN)
Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanized, Stainless SteelBQ1_08M08M08 BoxBolt Size 150.84.76225.422.2256.3512.714.2872512.8621.0713.2926.14
BQ2_08M08M08 BoxBolt Size 269.8517.46246.03722.2256.3512.714.2872512.8621.0713.2926.14
BQ3_08M08M08 BoxBolt Size 390.48730.16266.67522.2256.3512.714.2872512.8621.0713.2926.14
BQ1_10M10M10 BoxBolt Size 150.84.76222.22523.8136.3517.46219.054524.073721.747.07
BQ2_10M10M10 BoxBolt Size 269.8517.46242.86223.8136.3517.46219.054524.073721.747.07
BQ3_10M10M10 BoxBolt Size 390.48734.92563.523.8136.3517.46219.054524.073721.0747.07
BQ1_12M12M12 BoxBolt Size 155.5634.76225.425.47.93819.0520.6378029.4348.2930.6459.86
BQ2_12M12M12 BoxBolt Size 279.37519.0550.825.47.93819.0520.6378029.4348.2930.6459.86
BQ3_12M12M12 BoxBolt Size 3101.639.68869.8525.47.93819.0520.6378029.4348.2930.6459.86
BQ1_16M16M16 BoxBolt Size 176.24.76234.92536.5129.52525.426.98719052.2988.2157.07108.57
BQ2_16M16M16 BoxBolt Size 2101.630.16260.32536.5129.52525.426.98719052.2988.2157.07108.57
BQ3_16M16M16 BoxBolt Size 3120.6555.56379.37536.5129.52525.426.98719052.2988.2157.07108.57
BQ1_20M20M20 BoxBolt Size 1101.67.93841.27546.03711.11231.7533.33730092145.3289.07181.79
BQ2_20M20M20 BoxBolt Size 2120.6534.92571.43846.03711.11231.7533.33730092145.3289.07181.79
BQ3_20M20M20 BoxBolt Size 3152.465.087101.646.03711.11231.7533.33730092145.3289.07181.7
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