What are LNA Solutions Grating Clips

What are G-Clips, How Do They Work?

G-Clips are a type of beam clamp designed specifically for fastening grating and flooring to steel beams in construction projects. Crafted with precision and engineered for reliability, these small but mighty components play a vital role in ensuring the stability and safety of elevated walkways, platforms, and mezzanines. LNA Solutions offers different types of G-Clips to facilitate different types of grating or flooring depending on what they need to be used for, but regardless the purpose and engineering behind them remains largely consistent throughout. 

The Purpose of G-Clips

At the heart of every construction project lies the need for robust connections, and where flooring is concerned, that’s a type of connection you don’t want to second guess considering G-Clips are vital to workplace safety; securing grating and flooring that could fall without being properly held in place. G-Clips provide a secure grip on grating and flooring while facilitating quick and effortless installation due to their simple design, so whether you’re constructing a warehouse floor or a pedestrian walkway in a commercial complex, G-Clips offer unparalleled versatility and performance.

How G-Clips Work

The brilliance of G-Clips lies in their simplicity. They feature a unique mechanism that allows them to effortlessly attach grating and flooring to steel beams. Once in place and tightened appropriately, they provide a sturdy anchor point, ensuring the integrity of the structure while minimizing the risk of slippage or displacement. 

A G-Clip is usually comprised of a bracket on top that hugs the grating it’s secured to, a body piece on the bottom keeping it held in place, and a fixing screw connecting both parts, which upon tightening secures the G-Clip to the grating, and the grating to the steel beam it is now attached to.

How to Properly Install G-Clips
  1. Preparation
    Before installation, ensure the grating surfaces are clean and free of debris. Before you start, first properly place the grating on the steel sections you want to affix it to in the desired position. It’s also important to make sure you have enough G-Clips to accommodate your project. Per grating panel, it’s vital to have four G-Clips, two on each side.  
  2. Positioning
    To ensure they’re positioned properly, position the G-Clip by lowering it between the grating from above; once that is done, slide it as close to the steel beam’s edge as possible to the body of the clip overlaps it. When placing multiple G-Clips, make sure to place them at strategic intervals along the beam, ensuring equal distribution of weight. 
  3. Tightening
    Once the G-Clip is positioned appropriately, it’s time to secure it in place.  Using appropriate tools, securely tighten the G-Clips until they form a snug fit around the grating or flooring. It’s important to tighten them as much as possible to prevent them from coming loose or moving over time. The tighter they are, the more stable your connection to the steel beam will be.
  4. Verification
    Double-check the installation to ensure all G-Clips are properly secured and aligned, providing a reliable connection between the grating/flooring and the steel beams. Adjustments may seem tedious, but it’s an important step to ensure safety. 
    Safety Precautions
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves and safety glasses, when handling G-Clips.
    • Ensure proper training for all personnel involved in the installation process to prevent accidents and injuries.
    • Regularly inspect G-Clips for signs of wear or damage, and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance and safety.
    • To ensure proper and responsible use, refrain from using G-Clips in any way not outlined in these instructions, and follow those instructions deliberately.

    In the world of construction, every detail matters, and the grating or flooring on which you stand giving way is the last thing anyone should need to worry about. With G-Clips, you can rest assured knowing that your grating and flooring are securely fastened. 

    Ready to elevate your construction projects to new heights of efficiency and safety? Contact us today to learn more about our G-Clip solutions and how they can enhance the performance and reliability of your structures, as well as the safety of your construction projects. 


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